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Adult Life Lab (ALL)

Writer, Director 



Henry, who has never entirely adjusted to adult life, finds company with three co-workers with the same challenges. Together, they form a 'laboratory' that invents mostly failing devices to solve their adulting problems, but all they need is one to succeed. 


Adult Life Lab is both a short film and a community-based DIY filmmaking project. This film's plot is about adulting, but the bigger story is how a group of over 40 people in Turku, Finland made a film together this May 2022. 


The short film involved many first-time cast and crew members and local organizations (Hacklab Turku, Ekotori, Ullrike Artisan Felt and Yarn) who partnered with film professionals to make the story come alive. ALL is live-action footage mixed with 2-D animation and archival footage from Henry's invention journal. 


We are seeking funding to finish a proof-of-concept pilot episode for a web series. We plan to film ninety minutes of content to create nine (ten-minute) stand-alone web episodes. 


Examples of Footage

Example: Live-action, raw footage of story filmed in Turku, Finland in May '22.

Example: 2d paper animation and archival footage that represent Henry's invention journal.

Example: In the short, the co-workers film themselves on their cell phones to study their bad habits and hang-ups. 

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