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I love participating in new idea projects. There is no path to follow. In my teens, I don’t remember having career guidance at all from my parents. I do remember saying “WHY NOT” a lot with my mom. I am an Atlanta native. I enrolled in college at age 16 and graduated three years later with a degree in Journalism, with a minor in advertising and public relations. I have used those skills all of my life. I am basically an entrepreneur. I love creating and starting businesses. I also liked being involved in leadership roles with organizations as well. My passion, for most of my life, has been helping women succeed in sales and business. A few examples: (1) Started my first business when my first son was five months old. It was called Atlanta Models & Talent (AMT). It blossomed. I sold it after 15 years, and it is still in business in its’ 63rd year. Cool! (2) I created the 2nd chapter of Women in Film in 1974 (the 1st was in Hollywood, CA). It now has 650 members in Atlanta, 12,000 throughout North America, and 40 chapters. I call that “planting seeds.” (3) When Jimmy Carter was Governor, the Georgia Department of Industry & Trade commissioned me to write a marketing plan for building the film and commercial industry in Georgia (1973-74). It has become a multi-billion industry. I became the first Film Representative in Georgia. (4) I was getting recognition in the media and began getting invitations to speak and do programs for women (and men) around North America and internationally for several years. I received several invitations to be on boards of directors. I loved that phase of my life.



After experiencing various successes and accomplishments in my entrepreneurial journey, life took an unexpected turn. My husband, Michael, faced a severe illness resulting in losing both legs within three years. During this challenging period, I decided to close my nationwide business for women in business, which had been thriving for two years. I prioritized supporting and caring for him during his final months of life. This experience prompted me to embark on a process of reevaluation and reimagination of my future path. At the age of 48, I contemplated new possibilities and sought a fresh direction.

As I navigated through this transitional phase, I discovered my passion for photography, travel, and creative expression. With a camera in hand, I embarked on captivating journeys, capturing the beauty of the world through my lens. These experiences led me to author several books, sharing my unique perspectives and stories with the world. Embracing this newfound path, I found fulfillment in exploring the world, documenting its wonders, and sharing my vision through various mediums.

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