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This project rekindled my connection to old passions and loves that still hold a significant place in my life. I am what is often called a multipotentialite, someone with diverse interests and creative pursuits. This characteristic has been true of me since a young age. At eleven, I taught myself to sew, finding joy in the touch and appearance of beautiful fabrics. I would envision designs and bring them to life through garments I made myself. Interior design also fascinated me, and I was delighted to decorate my space.


Writing was another avenue for my creativity, as I crafted poems, stories, and plays, often centered around my dream destinations and the wardrobes I imagined for them. I would fashion outfits out of various materials, even repurposing kitchen curtains and old skirts. My passion for fashion led me to dream of recognition in New York or Hollywood. However, fear and parental guidance steered me towards pursuing journalism at UGA. Love and the desire to be close to someone led me to change paths, studying Elementary Education at Shorter. Though unexpected, I cherished my years as a teacher before dedicating myself to being a stay-at-home mom.


Throughout my life, I continued to express my creative abilities through designing outfits for my daughter and participating in church activities, teaching, and writing plays. Music remains a source of joy, as I explore playing the dulcimer and collaborate with a band. Reflecting on the Dressing Up Your Dreams project, I realized that God has granted me the fulfillment of my heart's desires, albeit in unexpected and unique ways compared to my childhood dreams.


I grew up in a real estate family. We talked about the business around the family table. It was fascinating to me. We moved a lot. My father would build houses and sell them. Mother always had a new plan in the drawer. We all took part in designing our next home to make sure we liked our spaces. I went to school yearly with my new address on my hand so I wouldn't forget it when I filled out that white card each year the school opened. I was very involved in the family business.


I wanted to be in real estate but realized it was a full-time commitment. I wanted to be a stay home mom, the driver of carpools, the homeroom mother, involved in PTA, and the one whose house was the meeting place for all the children's friends. I had waited six long years to have children; I didn't want to miss a thing. I worked only when my children were older and in college. 


For two years, I started an Interior Design Business as an arm of a friend's business. We did many condominium and timeshare models. Then I told my husband I wanted to sell Real Estate. He said, "Go for it," and I did. He was my biggest cheerleader and kept the books for me as he continued his development company in Atlanta. Eventually, I rented space with Remax North Atlanta Brokers and went to work for myself. I'm a dreamer and an optimist, so I set big goals every year, always wanting to see if I could do better than the previous year. I reached all my goals, finally put real estate aside, and moved near Rome to help care for my mother, whose health was failing. I realize now that her dream was for me to sell real estate. She was so interested in every house I sold, my clients, and the funny things that happened on the way to the closing. I also had five grandchildren and wanted to be a grandmother extraordinaire. My husband was slowing down, and I wanted to travel and spend quality time with him.

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