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My father was in the military, and we moved every three years. The influencers in my life were primarily my parents. They never steered me towards any specific profession, but they did insist on a higher education. Their definition of success was not a specific job title, but it did entail having a wife and children and a career that made a “comfortable” living. Costume One shows me as a successful businessman with a wife and two children.



At no point in my life did I want to be a father. And I took steps to ensure that never occurred very early. Growing up in multiple states and even countries made me somewhat comfortable with a life of travel. Many of my jobs involved weekly travel to client locations. I even went so far as to apply for and get dual US and Irish citizenship. I did marry. We did use our spare time to travel to many foreign countries over the last 40+ years. Costume Two shows me in planning our next getaway - childless.

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